Our program provides an enriching experience for Apprentices and the Park community by fostering professional growth and the exploration of best educational practices through a dedicated year of collaborative teaching and learning.
The Apprenticeship is an intensive, full-time position consisting of two classroom placements and extracurricular leadership experiences under the mentorship of dedicated faculty and the Director of Apprentices. The Program is tailored to the Apprentice's  goals and to the School’s needs. Participants are immersed in the life of the school and are valued members of the Park faculty and community.

Why Park?

Each year, Park welcomes a diverse group of Apprentices, including those who want to explore teaching, those already committed to the teaching profession, and those interested in changing careers.

Park is one of the leading Pre-K through Grade VIII independent schools in the country, located on a 34-acre campus in close proximity to downtown Boston.

Park is a close-knit community that benefits from a diverse body of 560 students and passionate faculty.

Park is distinguished by the genuine relationships between students, teachers, and families, aided by small class sizes.

As an independent school, Park provides faculty members with a high degree of autonomy to explore best educational practices in creative and innovative ways.

The Apprentice Experience

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  • Placement Options

    • Lower or Middle Division (Grade I- Grade V) self-contained classroom
    • Upper Division (Grade VI – Grade VIII) sections in English, social studies, math, science, Latin, French, Spanish, or Mandarin
    • Specialist classes (Grades Pre-K – Grade VIII) in art, music, library, or physical education
  • Classroom & Community Involvement

    • Collaboration with mentor teacher to:
      • establish and maintain classroom culture
      • plan and prepare for teaching and learning
      • differentiate instruction to meet the needs of students
      • monitor and assess student learning
      • partner and communicate with families
    • Increasing responsibility in the classroom
    • Culminating week of independent teaching in each placement
    • Extracurricular leadership in athletics, drama, or the After-School Program
  • School Support

    • Member of grade level team, department, and division
    • Weekly one-on-one meetings with the Director
    • Weekly meetings with fellow Interns
    • In-house seminars
    • Outside professional development opportunities
    • Observation of classrooms in the Greater Boston Area
    • Career guidance and job search assistance


The Apprenticeship is a paid position, and Apprentices are eligible for benefits. Apprentices may apply for faculty grants to support coursework toward a master’s degree program and other professional development activities.

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