CURRICULUM, PROGRAM & Instructional Practice

As a school that strives to place students at the center of everything we do, we commit to creating curriculum and program that deliver academic excellence to every child. It is our responsibility to create an environment of learning and justice for all students and to prepare them to be active global citizens. In addition, as a school that values the dignity of all members of our community, we commit to creating a deep sense of belonging in all classrooms. We are a community of life-long learners who strive to improve our practice through sustained reflection and evaluation of our instructional practices. 


  • Provide safe, developmentally appropriate, facilitated affinity spaces for students of varied identities - particularly for those in historically underrepresented and marginalized groups in the Upper Division. Support all students in exploring all intersecting aspects of identity, especially their racial development. (2020-2021)
  • Evaluate and revise as needed, the policies and approach to Secondary School Counseling at Park. Alignment with the School's antiracist policies is crucial as the staff support and meet the needs of all families equitably. Consider the staffing structure, test preparation, counseling model, and resources available. (2020-2021)