Guiding Principles

At Park, we know our students best thrive when they can learn in the company of peers and teachers, and we responded to the challenges presented by COVID-19 by finding new ways to use our campus resources in support of these guiding principles:

  • Preserving the health and safety of our whole community
  • Supporting community connectivity
  • Affirming our commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and anti-racism
  • Delivering Park’s mission through our excellent and innovative academic program

While campus looks different than we are used to, we know that Park is still Park. We continue to deliver the Park experience – academic excellence and joy in learning, strong teacher-student relationships, and a committed, caring community.

Our highest priority is the health, safety, and social-emotional well-being of our students, families, faculty, and staff. All our decisions are built on this, including our commitment to remaining flexible and responsive to our community’s needs as circumstances and recommendations change.

Community is central to everything we do at Park. With this in mind, we have worked hard to help Park families remain at school despite financial hardship brought on by global pandemic. And, through our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, we are committed to making Park a place of belonging for all, working together to support racial equity and anti-racism. 

Flexibility and the ability to listen and learn – as a community and as individuals – are the core strengths that will make us stronger as we move forward together.

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Park's Approach to COVID-19

Watch the October 11 COVID-19 Vaccine Panel Presentation & Discussion

General health management

All community members must complete the Community Health Commitment 

Increased nursing support 8 a.m.–6 p.m. daily

Isolation and contact tracing protocols in place for individuals who test positive for COVID-19 

Masking and Face Covering

Required indoors for all employees and students in shared spaces regardless of vaccination status

Optional outdoors 

Facility and Cleaning Protocols

Increased cleaning throughout the buildings and playgrounds

Upgraded air filters and increased frequency for new filters

Touchless water bottle filling stations 

Touchless hand sanitizer stations

Signage to indicate student movement 

Student Grouping

16 students or fewer per classroom 

Individual desks to provide 3 feet of social distancing in classrooms

Separate grade-level entrances and hallways

Limited exposure across grades - students and faculty are encouraged to move purposefully from destination to destination 

Individual Precautions

Hand Hygiene - frequent handwashing for all community members 




Snacks and lunches will be safely packaged and delivered to grade level spaces 

Variety of options to support vegetarian diets and food allergies 

Pre-packaged lunches will use biodegradable materials to reduce environmental impact


Masks required for all bus riders

If there is a positive case on the bus, other students are exempt from quarantining or testing (per DESE/DPH guidelines)


After-School Program

ASP will be organized by grade to limit possible exposure

When outside ASP students will be able to connect with students in connected grade (PreK/K, 1/2, 3/4, 5-8)

Enrollment will be capped by grade