While Park feels like a neighborhood school, families live in nearly 30 cities and towns in the greater Boston area. Park families utilize a variety of methods to get to Park each day. Families drive, participate in the school operated transportation program, ride bikes, and sometimes walk to School.

Park is located in South Brookline, near Jamaica Pond, and is easily accessible from Route 9 to the north, Centre Street in Jamaica Plain/West Roxbury to the west, and Hammond Parkway/West Roxbury Parkway from the east and south. 

Driving: Please observe our one-way traffic pattern on campus.

Parking: Admission visitors are welcome to park in any available space on campus. In the smaller parking lot, there are two reserved spaces. 

Public Transportation: The closest MBTA stations are Brookline Village (Green Line) and Forest Hills (Orange Line). You will need to take a short taxi ride from these stations to get to Park's campus. 

To help reduce the traffic on Goddard Avenue and mitigate the School's carbon footprint, we encourage families to carpool and utilize school-provided transportation to get to and from Park. We strive to serve as many communities as possible and currently 48% of our students participate. 

Carpool Locations & Information for 2021-22

First page of the PDF file: Morning-Carpool-dropoff
Morning Carpool
First page of the PDF file: 3pm-Carpool-pickup
3 p.m. Carpool
First page of the PDF file: 430pm-Carpool-pickup
4:30 p.m. Carpool

Transportation Information 

The School operates transportation routes for students based on where Park families live, proximity to MBTA stations, and safe pick-up and drop-off locations. We currently operate six routes to a variety of neighborhoods.

Transportation Fees
The annual cost of transportation is $2,800 per student for the 2021-22 academic year, regardless of frequency of use. 

Financial Aid for Transportation
Financial aid is provided to all families qualifying for financial aid towards tuition at the same rate of support as they receive for the After School Program. Families receiving financial aid can find their rate of support on the student’s annual Enrollment Contract. If there is a need for additional support, please contact Kimberly Boyd.  

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The Park School Transportation Map

Transportation Routes & Schedules

Frequently Asked Questions About Transportation