Provisional Remote Learning 
Lower Division

Park’s Provisional Remote Learning Policy supports students who will be absent for reasons related to the pandemic. It does not provide accommodations for non-pandemic family choices, such as long weekend travel or appointments. Park expects students to be engaged in learning at all times when able, while school is in session.


What Can You Expect for Your Child in PreK – Grade 4:

If your child will be home ill, The Park School does not expect your child to engage in learning.

If your child is a full-time remote learner this year, please continue remote learning as it has been designed for your child and anticipate an update to this policy that will include full-time remote learners.

If your child is home due to attestation results, yet is healthy to participate in learning, they are eligible to participate in remote learning beginning on the second day of their absence. 

  • Please email so that arrangements can be made for remote learning to start on the second day of your child’s absence. 

    • There is one Remote Learning Coordinator (RLC) in each grade level who will provide students with a full day’s learning schedule to begin on the second day that includes synchronous sessions for learning combined with asynchronous materials for independent work and opportunities for 1:1 check-ins. 

      • The RLC will email you the remote learning schedule, which will include all synchronous Zoom links.

      • Asynchronous work will be posted in Seesaw (PreK-3) and in Google Classroom (Grade 4) by the RLC

      • Please respond to your child’s RLC with questions about their schedule and/or tasks.