All School Conference Day

Tuesday, October 22 

Register for your conference by Friday, October 4 by following these directions.

Upper Division: Student-Led Conferences
Student-Led Conferences are meetings between the student, the advisor, and the family. Students lead the conversation by sharing their reflections about who they are as learners, focusing on their own goals for the year, as well as key strategies they believe will support them in making progress. (Please use this planning sheet to prepare for the conference.)

Lower Division: Parent-Teacher Conferences
Please note, if you need to bring your child(ren) with you, they should wait quietly outside of the classroom. Please provide a book or quiet activity for them. Due to Upper Division conferences being held on this day, the Library is closed to visitors.

ASP Open on All School Conference Day - Tuesday, October 22 
Children enrolled in ASP on Tuesdays can attend ASP on this day.
RSVP using this form.