Park Enrichment Fall Showcase

Rooms will be open for visitors from 4-4:30 each day

We are excited to welcome the community to a showcase to highlight the amazing learning that has taken place in enrichment classes this fall. Whether you are the family of a current enrichment student, a family interested in enrichment classes in the future, or a Park teacher wanting to learn more about these classes, you are welcome to stop by.  Questions? Contact Caitlin Robinson

Monday, December 9
     Makerspace 101, Kim Fogarty, Makerspace

Wednesday, December 11
    Art From Around the World: Exploring Cultures Through Art, Melody Bartlett, Room 404
    Lego Engineering: Designing and Building with Lego, David Raabe, Room 448
   Science in Motion: Design and Dissect, Carol Buzby, Room W220

Thursday, December 12
    Haitian Contemporary Dance, Jean Appolon, Small Gym

Friday, December 13
   Game Design with Scratch, Kim Fogarty, Makerspace