Fine Arts

Art has been an intrinsic part of children's learning throughout Park's history. Teachers encourage creativity and imagination with a curriculum designed to develop skills, self-confidence, and pride in artistic self-expression.

Formal instruction with trained art educators, who are themselves professional artists, starts with a weekly lesson in Grade I. For student in Grades II-VIII, classes in two- and three-dimensional art meet twice a week, and children develop the ability and confidence to work in a variety of media, including drawing, painting, printmaking, papier-mâché, clay, and wood. 


As part of the language arts curriculum in the Lower and Middle Divisions, students perform frequently in skits, small plays, and puppet shows in their classrooms, the library, or on the stage of Park's theater. In the Upper Division, where students study a Shakespearean play every year, formal instruction in drama becomes part of the classroom curriculum in Grades VI and VII. Teachers provide additional opportunities for students to explore complex themes and characters in literature.

Upper Division students may elect to try out for cast or crew of the seasonal play instead of after-school sports. The drama program, "Players in the Park," is focused on team building, acquisition of technique, and effort. Following the School's trimester schedule, students put on four ensemble-based productions each year. The fall musical is open to students in Grades VII-VIII. The winter term features a Grade VI musical and a play for Grade VIII. The spring play showcases actors from Grades VI-VIII. These performances serve a dual purpose: both to entertain and to enrich the curriculum and values of the Park School community. Recent productions include Harriet the Spy, The Witches, The Junglebook, The Three Musketeers, The Odyssey, The Wiz, Hamlet, The Poe Museum, and The King Stag.


Park’s three music rooms reverberate with the sounds of children making music. Singing,listening, playing, and creative movement continue throughout the grades, as students explore music through a variety of musical genres, interpretive movement, music listening, stories, music history, and games. Pitched and non-pitched percussion, recorder, and Orff xylophone are introduced along the musical journey from Pre-Kindergarten through Grade VII.

Eighth grade students elect to be in either chorus, orchestral ensemble, or guitar and ukulele ensemble. All three classes provide students with the opportunity to cultivate their individual musical skills while developing the skills needed to perform as part of an ensemble. Each are designed to be a meaningful part of our oldest students’ final year at Park. To learn more about the music curriculum, please refer to the Curriculum Guide.