Tuition Information

Each January, the Board of Trustees determines the tuition for the following year.

Tuition Payment: All tuition and many fees are processed by Smart Tuition. Tuition may be paid in full, semi-annually (50%/50%), or in ten equal monthly payments. Installment payments will be processed directly from a credit card, checking, or savings account. Those choosing to pay in full or semi-annually will have the additional option to pay by check or money order. Incidental charges such as After-School Program, Tuition Refund Plan, Accident Insurance, and bus fees will be invoiced through Smart Tuition in the fall. Please contact Kimberly Boyd, Assistant Head for Finance & Operations, at 617-274-6011 with any questions about the tuition payment process.

Tuition 2019 - 2020

Pre-Kindergarten $30,420
Kindergarten $35,740
Grade I $36,330
Grade II $36,330
Grade III $37,900
Grade IV $37,900
Grade V $37,900
Grade VI $43,650
Grade VII $44,520
Grade VIII $46,000