Children walking to yellow school bus

Park families utilize a variety of methods to get to Park each day. Families create carpool groups, participate in the school operated transportation program, ride bikes, and sometimes walk to School. If you need assistance creating a carpool group, please contact Merle Jacobs or Jonathan Prosky in our Admission Office.

Transportation Information 

The School operates transportation routes for students based on where Park families live, proximity to MBTA stations, and safe pick-up and drop-off locations. We currently operate five routes to a variety of neighborhoods.

Transportation Fees

The annual cost of transportation is $2,800 per family. The fee is prorated on a monthly basis for families utilizing transportation for only a portion of the year.

Financial Aid for Transportation

Financial aid is provided to all families qualifying for financial aid towards tuition at the same rate of support as they receive for After School Programming. Families receiving financial aid can find their rate of support on the student’s annual Registration Contract. If there is a need for additional support, please contact Kimberly Boyd

Transportation Routes

Boston/Jamaica Plain

Boston/Jamaica Plain AM 3:15 PM
4:45 PM
Tues PM
Washington St. & Avery St. (Theater District) 7:10 3:40 5:20 2:40
Beacon St. in front of Cheers (Beacon Hill) 7:18 3:55 5:25 2:55
Commonwealth Ave. & Exeter St. (Back Bay) 7:25 4:00 5:30 3:00
Columbus Ave. & Pembroke St. (South End) 7:30 3:35 5:05 2:35
301 Center St. (Jamaica Plain) 7:45 3:20 4:50 2:20


Brookline AM 3:15 PM
4:45 PM
Tues PM
Brookline Village MBTA Station 7:45 3:30 5:00 2:30
Walnut St. & Irving St. 7:50 3:25 4:55 2:25
382 Walnut St. 7:52 3:22 4:52 2:22
111/135 Warren St. 7:55 3:20 4:50 2:20


Brookline/Newton AM 3:15 PM
4:45 PM
Tues PM
Hobart Rd. & Wachusett Rd. 7:30 3:40 5:10 2:40
Suffolk Rd. (just before Hammond St.) 7:35 3:35 5:05 2:35
Norfolk Rd. & Devon Rd. 7:37 3:32 5:02 2:32
490 Heath St. 7:40 3:30 5:00 2:30
Heath St. & Cramond Rd. 7:43 3:28 4:58 2:28
Warren St. & Hillside Rd. 7:45 3:25 4:55 2:25

Jamaica Plain/Mattapan

Jamaica Plain/Mattapan AM 3:15 PM
4:45 PM
Tues PM
1060 Morton St. / Harbor Health Services 7:10 3:55 5:25 2:55
Forest Hills MBTA Station 7:30 2:35 5:05 2:45
Curtis Hall Community Center 7:40 3:25 4:55 2:25


Newton/Wellesley/Brookline AM 3:15 PM
4:45 PM
Tues PM
90 Washington St. & Warren Park (Wellesley Farms) 7:15 3:50 5:20 2:50
Beacon St. & Woodward St. (Waban) 7:25 3:40 5:10 2:40
Newton Public Library / City Hall  7:35 3:30 5:00 2:30
11 Hallwood Road 7:45 3:20 4:50 2:20

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the School communicate with families about transportation?

When the bus is delayed by 15 minutes or more, families will receive an email with information about the cause of the delay and an estimated departure time. Families are always welcome to call the front desk (617-277-2456) to ask about the status of any of the routes.

If there is an emergency, families will be notified by the School's emergency broadcast system, which will contact families by phone, text and email.

How does my child's teacher know that my child is riding the bus?

If your child is in the Lower Division (Grades PreK - Grade 5), please let your child's teacher know which days your child will ride the school bus home. In addition, if your child attends the After School Program, please let Tracy Duliban know which days your child will be riding the bus. 

Upper Division students are not required to notify their advisor about the transportation plans. 

If my child attends ASP, can they ride school transportation in the afternoon?

Prior to the 3 and 4:30 p.m. dismissals, students in PreK to Grade 2 who attend ASP at the After School Building are picked up by the school bus and brought to the Main Building. There, students are guided by a teacher to get on the appropriate bus to make their way home.

On Tuesday afternoons when school dismisses at 2 p.m., there is only a bus at 2 p.m. There is no late bus for students who attend ASP.

How does the School manage student behavior on the various routes?

At the beginning of the school year, the Division Heads meet with all of the students who ride on school provided transportation. At the meeting, students are introduced to their bus driver and the bus monitor, and there is a discussion of appropriate behavior on the bus. Students sign a behavior contract, and students are encouraged to talk to their Division Head if there is inappropriate behavior on the bus. Bus monitors also communicate with Division Heads about inappropriate behavior. 

What if my child misses the bus in the morning or afternoon?

The bus cannot wait for families in the morning. In the afternoon, parents will be contacted by a teacher if their child has missed the afternoon bus. Students who miss the 3 p.m. bus must be picked up and are not allowed to wait in the lobby until the 4:30 p.m. bus. 

What happens if no one is present to meet a student at the bus stop?

If a parent or caregiver is not at the stop, the default procedure is for the child to remain on the bus for the remainder of the route and be driven back to Park. Parents may authorize different options for their children when they register for transportation. 

Can students bring a guest on the bus?

A friend who does not normally ride the bus may come home with your child on an occasional basis. Written permissions must be provided to both children's teachers by 10 a.m. on the day the friend will ride the bus. If the students are in the Upper Division, a note from both parents should be provided to the front desk. 

When are families billed for transportation?

Families will be billed for the annual transportation fee of $2,800 in November through Smart Tuition.