Selection Process

The Park School strives to build and sustain a Board membership that incorporates and reflects the skills, experiences, backgrounds, and perspectives of the greater Park community.  

Members of the Board of Trustees, Parents’ Association leadership, and the Administrative team are encouraged to identify and suggest individuals for consideration by the Committee on Trustees.  Candidates are considered and reviewed by the Committee on Trustees based on the needs of the Board and on the skills and perspectives each candidate brings to the overall composition of the Board. For example, when the School is evaluating physical plant improvements, Board members with expertise in real estate, development management, and facilities operations would benefit the Board’s work. Through discussions with potential candidates, the Board seeks to confirm if candidates have the capacity to provide the significant time and leadership required of Board membership. The Board also seeks to ensure that board membership reflects the communities from which the Park School draws.  

The Board of Trustees votes each spring to recommend new Trustees to the Corporation, which in turn votes on confirmation each September. Upon selection and confirmation, new Trustees are introduced to the community at the start of each academic year and partake in a thorough orientation process.

Members of the community who have questions for the Board of Trustees are invited to email them to