Board Committees

The Board meets regularly throughout the year and conducts much of its substantive work through committees that report to the full Board. All major decisions are taken by vote or in consultation with the full Board. Various members of the faculty and administration serve on Board committees and in some cases provide staff support for committee work. In addition, non-trustee parents are members of some Board committees, providing valuable input and expertise to the committees’ efforts.


The Audit and Risk Committee oversees the School’s risk management program and annual fiscal audits. It is responsible for monitoring the School’s compliance with legal, accounting, financial, and reporting processes. 

Buildings & Grounds Committee

The Buildings and Grounds Committee oversees the development and implementation of the campus master plan, as well as capital investments in the physical plant. 

Committee on Trustees

Committee on Trustees is the nominating committee of the board and responsible for board/ governance including board succession, education, policies and evaluations.

Development Committee

The Development Committee oversees Park’s fundraising and external relations programs. It works to ensure the School's giving needs are set and met each year, prioritizing and working to meet capital and endowment requirements. It ensures that Park continues to receive gifts of time and funds from parents, alumni, former parents, grandparents, and friends who support Park.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee supports and monitors the School’s mission that commits Park to providing a welcoming, supportive learning environment for a diverse population of students and families. 

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee, comprised of board officers and committee chairs, can function in place of the full board if the board cannot meet on a particular issue. This committee takes the lead in planning the board’s agenda, and it oversees the Head of School’s evaluation. 

finance committee

The Finance Committee oversees long-range financial planning and annual budgeting to secure the financial sustainability of the School. It is responsible for stewarding the School’s financial assets and ensuring that the School’s resources are used in alignment with its mission. 

Investment Committee

The Investment Committee oversees the management of the endowment, including selection of the investment manager and monitoring investment performance.