Alumni Awards

Do you know a Park graduate who deserves recognition?

We seek to recognize alumni whose leadership and contributions have made a meaningful impact and inspire our current students and alumni. 

2019 Alumni Achievement Award winner Ty Burr '73 & Jamie Byron

2019 Alumni Achievement Award winner Ty Burr '73 with Jamie Byron, Director of Alumni Relations

Alumni Achievement Award

Since 2008, Park has honored alumni who exemplify Park’s values and educational mission through exceptional work in their work or field of endeavor.

2019 - Ty Burr '73
For his work and achievement the areas of journalism and film as the film critic and cultural columnist for The Boston Globe.
2018 - Bertha Coombs ’77
For her achievement in her field of reporting and her coverage of financial, business, and health care news for CNBC.
2017 - Sarah Conway ’97
For her advocacy as Lead Climate Finance Negotiator on the U.S. delegation to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.
2016 - Peter Wetherbee ’53
For his founding and stewardship of the Cornell Prison Education Program, and his positive societal changes as an educator.
2015 - Camilla Herman ’05
For her dedication as a humanitarian and entrepreneur and for her leadership of the team behind Assisted Contact Tracing (ACT) and GroundUp Global.
2014 - Sadia Shepard ’90
For her literary achievements, film work, and vision as an author and documentary producer.
2013 - Josh David ’78
For his vision and stewardship of transforming the High Line into a beloved public park in New York City.
2012 - Severine Fleming ’97
For her pioneering work as an organic farmer, activist, and organizer who inspires legions of young farmers.
2011 - Amanda Walton ’95
For her perseverance and lifelong dedication to athletics in the face of overwhelming circumstances.
2010 - Joe Kahn ’80
For his keen insights about China and domestic and international economics as an award–winning journalist.
2009 - Michael R. Deland ’56
For his public service as an environmentalist and as an advocate for people with disabilities.
2008 - Jordan Kimball ’88
For his efforts to protect natural resources and promote sustainable agriculture in Guinea.


Young Alumni Achievement Award

Each year, we honor two Park graduates with the Alumni Achievement Award and the Young Alumni Achievement Award for those who graduated within the last 15 years. This person’s leadership and contributions have made a meaningful impact and inspire our current students and alumni.

2021 - Miranda Haymon ‘09
For their achievement in theater and the arts, and their commitment to creating work that is radically inclusive, fundamentally multi-voiced, and oriented towards sparking dialogue.
2020 - Shami Bery ‘04
For his leadership and creativity as an entrepreneur and small-business founder, and his work in education to foster an entrepreneurial mindset in students.
2019 - Nathan Kellogg ’02
For his leadership of innovation and technology-related initiatives in the field of education and his work towards equitable, student-centered school design.
2018 - Addison Godine ’04
For his innovation in the effort to make lower cost, energy-efficient housing available for all.

Alumni Service Award 

The Alumni Award for Distinguished Service is given each year to an alumna or alumnus in recognition of their dedicated service to the Park community. We are grateful to the alumni who contribute their time and talent to enrich the experience of their fellow alumni, students, and faculty and staff. 

2018 - Kathrene Tiffany Bell ’96
2017 - Joan Amick Kelly ’83
2016 - Garrett Solomon ’86
2015 - Julia Lloyd Johannsen ’93
2014 - Abbott Lawrence ’85
2013 - Lanny Thorndike ’81
2012 - Amy Lloyd McCarthy ’86
2011 - Richard Banks ’74
2010 - Robert R. Kenerson ’53
2009 - Minnie Ames ’86
2008 - Mark Epker ’86
2007 - Amy Lampert ’63
2006 - Class of 1986
2005 - John Barkan ’85 & 
           Charles A. Pierce ’81
2004 - Lisa Amick DiAdamo ’86
2003 - Robert C. Bray ’53
2002 - Andrew Winter ’82
2001 - Paul J. Ayoub ’70 & 
            Diana Walcott ’85
2000 - Sarah C. Gaylord ’83 &  
            John Sharp ’75
1999 - Hamilton Mehlman ‘74