Spring Sports Roundup

It was a terrific spring season for Park's varsity teams! 
The Boys Lacrosse Team, coached by Tim O'Brien, Scotty Fries, and Ben Peters went undefeated (10-0-0) and the Girls Lacrosse Team, coached by Dana Studley, Amy Saltonstall and Heather Offen lost only once (10-1-0)!  Both teams finished their seasons with exciting victories over Shady Hill on May 23. In addition to this, both teams won the Meadowbrook Invitational Tournament on May 18th beating Meadowbrook, Belmont Day and Shady Hill and bringing home all of the "hardware."  
Park's Track & Field Team, coached by Steve Savage, Carol Buzby, Lauren Dennis, Kathleen Early, Travis James, Tonnis James and Katy Lee, also had a terrific season.  Notable wins over Meadowbrook, Shady Hill and Derby were highlights. The Softball Team, coached by Kara Fonseca and Paul Toussaint, had a re-building season with a number of first and second year players. But their season ending, "walk-off win" against Fay School proved to all that their hard work was worth every minute!  
Congratulations to all of Park's spring athletes! It was a joy watching you play!  Click here for PHOTOS!   Watch the SLIDESHOW here!