Extracurricular Activities at Park

Park offers a wide array of extracurricular activities for children across all divisions. Here’s a listing of the offerings available this year. For details on any activity, please contact the Division Heads: Kimberly Formisano or Caroline Beasley.

  Lower & Middle Divisions (Pre-K – Grade V) Upper Division (Grades VI – VIII)
After-School Program/ Study Hall After-School Program, daily until 4:30 or 6 p.m.
Fee required.
After-School Program, Tuesday only, until 4:30 or 6 p.m. Fee required.
Study Hall, M/W/Th/F until 4:30 p.m.
After-School Athletics: Fall Grades IV & V:
Boys & Girls Soccer, 2 afternoons/week
Co-ed Field Hockey, 2 afternoons/week
Boys & Girls Soccer, 4 afternoons/week
Girls Field Hockey, 4 afternoons/week
Girls Volleyball, 4 afternoons/week
Co-ed Cross Country, 4 afternoons/week
After-School Athletics: Winter Grades IV & V:
Boys & Girls Basketball, 2 afternoons/week
Co-ed Wrestling, Tuesday afternoons
Boys & Girls Basketball (some am practices), 4 days/week
Co-ed Ice Hockey (am practices), 4 days/week
Boys Wrestling, 4 afternoons/week
After-School Athletics: Spring Grades IV & V:
Boys & Girls Lacrosse, 2 afternoons/week
Boys & Girls Lacrosse, 4 afternoons/week
Girls Softball, 4 afternoons/week
Co-ed Track and Field, 4 afternoons/week
Drama Grades I – III:
Storybook Theatre by Freelance Players:
Three 8-week sessions, 2 afternoons/week
Fee required.
Fall: Musical for Grades VII – VIII
Winter: Play/Musical for Grade VI
Winter: Play for Grade VIII
Spring: Play for Grades VI – VIII
Music Inspirational Freedom Choir with Ms. Allen:
Grades K-III: Junior Choir
IV & V: Intermediate Choir (by audition)
Saturday rehearsals; Fee required.
Members of the Music Department are available for private instruction in cello, guitar, and piano.
Recess/In-School Clubs Birdwalks with Mr. Cassie, selected mornings
Garden Club, seasonal Friday mornings
Grade V: Math Team, last period, 2 days/week
Grade VI Math Team, 2 days/week

Grades VI – VIII
: (most clubs meet 1 day/week)
Gay-Straight Alliance, Improv Club, Math Counts Team, Pangaea/One World Club, Service Council, Student Council
After-School Clubs Grades III – V:
IV&V First Lego League (FLL) 1 afternoon/wk (fall)
Math Club, 1 afternoon/week (fall)
TIDBITS Club (engineering), 1 afternoon/wk (winter)
Chess Club, Fri. afternoons, (winter)
Robotics Club, 1 afternoon/week (spring)
Grades VI – VIII:
Model UN, weekends
VI-IX First Lego League (FLL) 1 afternoon/wk (fall)

Grades VII – VIII:
Park/St. Stephen’s Partnership, (after school tutoring), 1 afternoon/week (spring)

Grade VII:
Literacy Project/Horizons for Homeless Children, 1 afternoon/week (winter)