Park School students live in more than 30 communities in the Boston metropolitan area. Reducing the number of cars in the carpool line helps reduce the traffic on Goddard Avenue and helps minimize the School’s carbon footprint. Park encourages families to carpool and to utilize bus service to and from campus. We will provide zip code lists upon request to help parents arrange carpools.
For safety reasons, it is extremely important that drivers not use cell phones on campus. In addition, please remember that Park is a no idling zone.
Communicating Transportation Changes to the School:
The front desk will try to relay messages to students but must receive them at least an hour and a half before dismissal. Please call 617-277-2456 well in advance of the 12, 3, or 4:30 p.m. dismissal times.
Children in Pre-K–V who are not going directly home in their usual manner, or with their usual driver, must bring a note to their homeroom teacher on that day. The School requires notes from both families when a child is to visit the home of a school friend. Please notify your carpool or the front desk of any change in plans or additional passengers.

Carpool to Park School


Because of fire regulations, parking is not permitted anywhere along the driveway at any time. Please park in a marked space in Lot A or B, not on the curb. Additional parking is available along Avon Street or at the After-School Program lot at 255 Goddard Avenue. Please do not park at 133 Goddard Avenue. Parking can be challenging on campus, and we appreciate your help in making the School a welcoming and safe place for everyone in the community.

Please know that parents are always welcome to come into the building! (In the mornings, coffee is available in the main lobby until noon, and you can attend Morning Meeting in the theater from 8:15 - 8:30 a.m.) If you choose to come inside, please park your car in a marked parking spot in either parking Lot A or B.

We encourage families to arrive at 8 a.m., before the school day officially starts at 8:15 a.m. Some parents choose to park and accompany their children into the School, while others drop off in front of or behind the Main Building. The Lower School Head greets our youngest children at the entrance nearest the Pre-K/K playground.

We ask that cars not park between the bus staging signs at the rear of the building. There are only two areas where active drop-off is permitted: in the front circle and at the Pre-K/K door. Please note that no students should be dropped off at the Pre-K/K door before 8 a.m. All students who arrive prior to 8 a.m. must be dropped off in the front circle. (see map)

AFTERNOON PICK-UP (M, W, Th, F at 3 or 4:30 p.m.; T at 2 p.m.)
All students should go to the rear of the building to get picked-up by their parent or caregiver. Students are not allowed to get into cars at the West Building or Main Gym. If you choose to park in Lot A or B and walk up to pick up your children, please meet them in the courtyard at the rear of the main building where they will be waiting with their class. Please let the teachers know that you are taking your child. (see map)

It is very helpful to post your family's name (or another name for your carpool) on a sign in the windshield. We use a microphone to alert students to come to the front of the carpool line. Please do not get out of your car until your carpool passengers have been escorted to you. It is best if students get into the car and put their seatbelts on by themselves.

Biking to Park School

Bicycle Regulations: Students must walk their bikes on all driveway areas within the School property. Racks are provided near the rear courtyard. We recommend sturdy locks, as our insurance does not cover theft. State law requires parents to provide safety helmets and reflectors for their children.