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Park's athletic program introduces students to a variety of individual and team sports while giving each athlete opportunities to develop sport specific skills, tactical awareness and physical strength in a competitive setting. Good sportsmanship, self-confidence, creativity, respect, personal responsibility and teamwork are stressed at all levels. The athletic program is divided into two parts: intramural competition for Grades IV & V and interscholastic competition for Grades VI-VIII.

Park coaches teach and expect good sportsmanship and cooperation while encouraging their teams to exhibit a healthy winning spirit and a strong sense of fair play. Most coaches are Park School faculty and expect the same degree of hard work and commitment on the playing field that they require in the classroom.

Athletics for Grades IV & V: After-school sports for grades four and five provides an opportunity for students to learn fundamental skills and tactics in soccer, field hockey, basketball and lacrosse. Two times per week athletes meet for intramural games and training sessions. Girls' teams meet on Mondays and Thursdays and boys' teams meet on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Athletics for Grades VI - VIII: More than 90% of upper division students choose to play interscholastic sports on our varsity, junior varsity or sixth grade teams at sometime during each year. Students in Grades VI - VIII can choose to compete in soccer, field hockey, flag football, cross-country, basketball, ice hockey, wrestling, lacrosse, softball, and track & field.

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