Community Service and Service Learning Program
From the youngest children right up through eighth graders, Park students learn the value of taking active roles in their community. They learn to connect with people whose lives and experience may be different from their own. The intention of all aspects of the service program at Park is to raise awareness of the causes behind societal problems as well as to empower students to make a difference. The School strives to instill a lifelong habit of service to others.
Service learning, where students' projects are natural extensions of the academic curriculum, helps children make real-life connections to their classroom work. Just as important, it teaches young people the skills and attitudes needed for responsible, active citizenship, and shows how each individual can make a difference. In general, classroom teachers lead service learning projects that incorporate an academic component.
Community service activities are usually initiated by the Community Service Committee of the Parents' Association. The student outreach committee, Service Council, sponsors school-wide drives, organizes fundraisers for causes of their choosing, and supports annual Boston area events such as the Walk for Hunger. All service efforts are coordinated by the School's service learning coordinator.

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  • Matt Kessler 

    Co-Director of Secondary School Counseling, Director of Service Learning