Annual Fund

The Annual Fund affects every aspect of Park's daily life. It supports faculty members who impart their knowledge to our students; it enhances our library collections; it ensures that Park remains on the leading edge of technological innovation; it allows students who would otherwise not be able to afford an independent school education to attend school here. Park is proud of its legacy of Annual Fund support from alumni, parents, trustees, parents of alumni, grandparents, and friends.

Growing the Annual Fund is vitally important, and we encourage each member of the Park community to contribute. Gifts of all sizes are meaningful to the School and its students, and participation is a key value in the Park School community. An impressive 95% of Park's current families, 18% of alumni and 96% of faculty and staff made a gift to the Annual Fund in 2017-2018. We are deeply grateful for this remarkable support!

The goal for Park's 2018-2019 Annual Fund is $2.1 million which will provide 9% of the School's operating budget. The Annual Fund follows the School's fiscal year, running from July 1 to June 30.

Giving FAQs

List of 9 frequently asked questions.

  • What is the goal in 2018-2019?

    Our Annual Fund goal this year is $2.1 million. Among current families, we always strive for 100% participation.
  • Can I restrict my gift?

    The Annual Fund directly supports the School's operating budget, which touches all aspects of life at Park. There are opportunities for targeted giving, but we ask everyone to make their unrestricted gift to the Annual Fund first. If you are interested in making a restricted gift, please contact Bea Sanders, Director of Development, at 617-274-6020 or
  • Why should I give?

    Tuition alone does not cover the annual cost of providing a Park education to each student. In fact, there is a gap of almost $10,000 between what tuition provides and the actual cost of educating each Park student. A strong, growing Annual Fund decreases the School’s dependence on tuition, which makes Park more accessible to students from a wide range of economic backgrounds and enables the School to attract and retain a first-rate faculty.
  • Who contributes?

    Each year, many parents, alumni, grandparents, parents of alumni, faculty and staff, and other friends of Park contribute to the Annual Fund.
  • How much should I contribute?

    Every contribution is important. We ask all members of our community to support the Annual Fund at a level commensurate with their ability to give and their belief in the School's mission. Dedication to excellence carries a high price, so Park urges its families to make the School their top philanthropic priority.
  • Can my small donation make a difference?

    Yes, every contribution to the Annual Fund is important! Each and every gift helps to close the gap between tuition and the cost of educating Park's students. Without strong Annual Fund participation, Park simply could not be the school that it is today. Park is proud to have a strong history of high participation among all constituencies.
  • What is the difference between the Annual Fund and a capital campaign?

    The Annual Fund is every year, and it supports the annual operating budget.  Annual Fund gifts support all aspects of the school, from faculty salaries and financial aid to facilities renewal and upkeep.  The whole community participates in the Annual Fund year to year, including over 94% of parents.
    A capital campaign, like the recently completed Park21, is a separate fundraising initiative for specific improvements, such as new and renovated facilities, endowment for faculty compensation and financial aid, or innovation.  
    Park would never want someone's consideration of a capital campaign gift to diminish their support of the Annual Fund.
  • What is the The Charter Oak Association?

    Park's Charter Oak Association recognizes those who make leadership gifts to our Annual Fund. Our leadership societies serve as benchmarks for those members of our community who are able to give at these levels. Membership in the Charter Oak Association begins at $2,500 or $100 for young alumni (up to and including those celebrating their 15th reunion).
  • How can I make my gift to Park's Annual Fund?

    Please visit our Ways to Give page to learn about the various ways you can support Park's Annual Fund.
We are pleased to report that 95% of Park’s enrolled families participated in The Park School’s 2017-18 Annual Fund. This success was complemented by 96% faculty & staff participation and 18% alumni participation.
All the things we love about Park – our diversity, exceptional faculty, and academic excellence – are made possible through the operating budget, 10% of which is supported by the Annual Fund.

Congratulations on this success and thank you for your collective commitment and dedication to the School.