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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Park’s diverse community enables all students to have the transformational experience of interacting with peers and adults who have varied perspectives and come from different backgrounds.

At Park, diversity is valued, varied personal qualities, talents, and learning styles are appreciated, and the lives of all are enriched by the shared experience. We seek students and teachers with a variety of backgrounds and talents. We work to build a strong sense of community among people from many different cultural heritages, races, family configurations, financial means, and life experiences. Individual strengths and learning styles are actively affirmed in each classroom. Students learn to think critically and to respect differing viewpoints. Through our curriculum and special events, we celebrate many cultural traditions and diverse perspectives. Just as important, we emphasize our common ground and the shared values of life at Park and in the world beyond. By promoting cultural competency across grade levels through age-appropriate activities and exercises, we cultivate academic, social, and emotional growth to prepare students to be responsible citizens of the world.

At Park, we stimulate children’s character development in a community that values trust, honesty, fairness, cooperation, and sensitivity. We teach students to reach outside themselves, to be inclusive, and to respect the dignity of others. In an increasingly complex world, Park strives to maintain and reinforce these core values.

Alile Eldridge

Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Philosophy of Multicultural Education at Park

Multicultural education at Park means nurturing a belief in the dignity of each individual and teaching students to understand diverse perspectives, the importance of historical viewpoint, and the existence of individual and group bias. Students are encouraged to learn to question and critique the variety of beliefs and interpretations they encounter within the curriculum, the School, and the wider community. Park aims to prepare students to participate responsibly as citizens of a global community that struggles with issues of truth, justice, and equality.

Diversity Beliefs and Aspirations

At Park, we are guided by the belief that a diverse community is a necessary component of an excellent education. Of equal importance, we are committed to offering a curriculum that exposes children to a range of cultures and to multiple perspectives on the human experience. Our fundamental goal is to create and maintain an inclusive learning environment evidenced by:

  • A commitment to academic achievement for all students
  • Respect for the dignity of each individual
  • Open, non-judgmental communication
  • Freedom to take risks, to learn from mistakes, and to grow

Students and adults at Park should feel that important aspects of their individual identity can be comfortably shared here and that their unique stories can be fully heard. At the same time, members of our community should learn to appreciate our interdependence and to make connections with a broad range of others. We believe that being a diverse community is a journey that requires constant attention, at times involving moments of confusion, misunderstanding, or disconnection. Therefore, we dedicate ourselves to openly confronting discord and working through it when it arises.

Students and adults at Park should feel that important aspects of their individual identity can be comfortably shared at the School and that their unique stories can be fully heard. At the same time, members of the School community should learn to appreciate our interdependence and to make connections with a broad range of others. To be effective in this work, the adults in the community (faculty, staff, and parents and guardians) must engage in an ongoing examination of our individual and collective assumptions and biases. Particularly with respect to members of the Park community who are transgender and gender non-conforming, the School will work closely with individuals and their families to strive to honor their wishes with respect to use of School facilities, participation in athletics, accuracy of student records, use of preferred name and pronouns, and privacy, in accordance with applicable law, and to the extent that the School’s campus facilities reasonably permit.

By welcoming and celebrating a variety of backgrounds and perspectives, Park becomes a stronger and wiser school community. Our diversity beliefs and aspirations are central to every aspect of daily school life — who we are, what/how we teach, how we behave, and what we are committed to having our students learn at Park.

A Look at Affinity Groups at Park

Finding Affinity On Campus

Affinity groups provide an essential opportunity for people within the community to come together to talk about common experiences, raise questions and develop solutions, support each other, and together find ways to negotiate the larger community space we all share. Read more.

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Alumni Profile – Ivy Alphonse-Crean ’07

Ivy Alphonse-Crean 07 is returning to her Boston roots, ready to take on a new challenge as Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Dedham Country Day School, just down the road from Park. As a Park student in the late 90s, the conversation around “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” was barely visible, yet the School is where she first discovered the embracing value of affinity groups. Read more.

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Finding Affinity at Park: Families Engage

This year, in partnership with the Parents’ Association, Park launched an affinity group program with the hope of engaging parents and guardians across the Park community in thoughtful conversation and connection with fellow community members who share common backgrounds and lived experiences. The initiative has gained participation and engagement, earning positive responses from the parent community. Read more.

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By the Numbers


Students of color 


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($4.2 million in grants)


of families have 1+
parent born outside the US

Non-Discrimination Notice

In accordance with the requirements of Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, as amended, The Park School will not discriminate against any individual on the basis of disability, including but not limited to its application process and admissions decisions. The Park School will not impose or apply eligibility criteria that screen out or tend to screen out individuals with disabilities from fully and equally enjoying any of its goods, services, facilities, privileges, advantages, or accommodations, unless such criteria can be shown to be necessary for the provision of the those benefits being offered. The Park School will make reasonable modifications to its policies, practices, or procedures when such modifications are necessary to access its goods, services, facilities, privileges, advantages, or accommodations to individuals with disabilities, unless the modifications would constitute a fundamental alteration.