Joyful Learners

Pursuing curiosity and finding joy in challenge, they welcome a journey of lifelong learning.

Park is a school filled with students and teachers who find true and authentic joy in the process of learning. In classrooms and on the playgrounds, students are encouraged to ask questions fueled by genuine curiosity, and embark on a path of discovery with their teachers and peers. When they graduate, students depart Park not only with the knowledge and skills that will help them to excel in high school, but also a deep understanding and self-awareness of their own learning process.

Portraits of Joyful Learners

“I appreciate that Park teachers are not merely instructing students what to learn, but instead teaching them how to learn. This approach inspired me to pursue a career in education, and now I admire these same qualities of curiosity and inquisitiveness in Park graduates who continue on to Brooks School, where I live and work.”

– Susanna Whitaker Waters ’99, Academic Dean at Brooks School