Mindful Leaders

Seeking multiple perspectives and acting with kindness, they lead in service of their community.

Park students seek leadership in the classroom and the studio, on the playing field, and on the stage. They recognize that leadership is a collaborative process that requires respect and openness to all voices, and that a just and effective leader always has the community they serve at heart. Within the Park community, students offer not only feedback for improvement, but the action, energy, and leadership needed to make the School a better place. Students and graduates are constantly asking how their communities can be made better and more just, and serve as humble change-makers.

Portraits of Mindful Leaders

“I truly believe that Park is the perfect garden to cultivate the necessary seeds for compassionate leadership in the 21st century…From understanding oneself as well as others, to embracing another perspective, you are also developing key life skills that will take you far.”

– Tenzin THargay '11, 2016 Graduation address