Skillful Communicators

Considering audience and listening thoughtfully, they communicate with purpose and responsibility.

Park students know that effective communication is as much about those with whom they are communicating as it is about themselves. They confidently articulate their perspective while also respectfully considering the differing opinion of a peer.  In written, spoken, digital, and artistic expression, they recognize that a skillful communicator is open to feedback, and they have the opportunity to practice this important skill through their entire journey at Park. From our youngest students’ first performance in PreK, to student graduation addresses – and at countless moments in between – students are encouraged to think about why, what, and to whom they are communicating. They depart Park with a deep skill-set and an empathetic eye and ear for their audience.

Portraits of Skillful Communicators

“Morning Meeting was one of the first times that I practiced my public speaking skills, announcing the results of our field hockey games. I remember feeling nervous to speak in front of the whole theater, but knowing that it was a supportive environment. Moments like that helped prepare me to feel comfortable speaking in front of a large group in high school, college, and beyond. As a teaching apprentice at Park years later, I looked forward to Morning Meeting and enjoyed seeing students have opportunities to practice their listening and communication skills.”

– nia lutch '97