Introducing the DEIIP Steering Committee

To help guide the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Implementation Plan, Park has created a Steering Committee to help support and monitor the DEI Implementation Plan and timeline, and support efforts to communicate progress. The Steering Committee is composed of members of the current campus community drawn from Park administration, faculty, staff, parents, and members of the Board of Trustees.

Introducing the DEIIP Steering Committee

Suzy Akin (Faculty/Staff Representative) joined Park in July 2020 as Director of Strategic Marketing & Communications, with over two decades working in independent school education as an administrator, English teacher, and advisor. The parent of two grown sons, she brings a deep commitment to nurturing a culture of inclusion and belonging within school communities, and to working together to grow beyond the perspectives that come naturally to us, as we learn to understand each other and the world around us in new ways.

Alile Eldridge (Steering Committee Co-Chair), Director of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, arrived at Park in the summer of 2021. DEI has been at the center of her 12-year career working in education. As an experienced DEI practitioner, Alile was drawn to Park for its demonstrated commitment to the whole child. DEI work is inextricably connected to academic excellence and social-emotional learning. The ability to lead this work, steeped in this foundational institutional belief, is both inspiring and energizing. Alile is committed to ensuring that all Park community members feel a deep sense of belonging.

May Hara (Board of Trustees DEI Subcommittee Co-Chair), parent of two current Park students, joined the Board of Trustees in 2020 and serves as a Co-Chair of the Board's DEI Committee. She has over twenty years experience in public K-12 and higher education with a particular focus on educational policy. She hopes to contribute to Park's efforts to examine values, policies, and practices towards being a fully inclusive school community for all students and families. May lives in Jamaica Plain with her family.

Doreen Ho (PA Vice President), along with her husband, Mike Sze, are parents of two current Park students and one alumna. A child of Hong Kong immigrants, Doreen has been committed to the initiatives of DEI work for many years, with prior experience explicitly addressing DEI goals in residency training and recruitment as a program director. She is also very passionate about the Park PA and parent/guardian community — particularly in continuing to nurture a broad and inclusive environment where every contribution matters.

Naomi Joseph (Faculty/Staff Representative)  is in her second year at Park and serves as a Grade 2 teacher and DEI Liaison. She joins the committee with six years of experience and a wide lens of DEI work from a variety of school settings. As a first-generation American and an educator of color, Naomi's experiences as a student fuel her commitment to advancing antiracist work within education, and specifically within the Park community. By evaluating the processes and experiences we create for our students, she hopes to provide an equitable and reaffirming experience for students and families.

Rebecca Nordhaus (Board of Trustees DEI Subcommittee Co-Chair), parent of two current Park students and one alumna, joined the Board of Trustees in 2017, and serves as a Co-Chair of the Board’s DEI Committee. Rebecca and her husband live in Brookline with their three daughters, two dogs and a guinea pig. She notes, “The data are clear that educational excellence requires that all students experience equity and a strong sense of belonging. Park’s DEI Implementation Plan is a critical step to creating a fully inclusive community where all students thrive.” Rebecca hopes to encourage engagement with the DEI conversation among all members of the Park community.

Cheryl Rosenberg (PA Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Committee Co-Chair), parent of a current Park student and an alum, has been a member of the Park community since 2012. As a woman of color, second-generation immigrant, and parent of multiracial children, Cheryl is deeply invested in furthering equity and inclusion at Park and beyond. From actively volunteering at Park and the PA, to leading a community mutual-aid group, to her professional work designing interiors that inspire well-being and belonging, she seeks ways to interrupt the many ways racism and systemic inequity show up in daily life.

Scott Young (Steering Committee Co-Chair), Head of School, arrived at Park in the summer of 2018, and is the parent of a current Park Kindergarten student. During his 22 years as an educator, diversity, equity, and inclusion have been central themes in his work. Park’s reputation and commitment to excellence in this area was one of the many attributes that drew him to Park. The critical work defined by the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Implementation plan is central to his work as Head of School, and he is grateful for the partnership of all who share in this commitment.