At Park, your entire family is a fundamental part of our bright, active, and inclusive community. The School delivers not only an excellent whole-child education, but an enriching whole-family experience. You’ve got the support and camaraderie of other parents and family members to make navigating parenthood as enjoyable, functional, and rewarding as possible.

“Many Park families think of the School as more than a place to send their children – it’s a place to belong, a real community, a 'neighborhood.'”

– Park School Parent

Parents’ Role in Education at Park

We believe that learning begins with the family, and our goal is to extend and develop that process. To reinforce what goes on in school, we encourage parents and guardians to confer with their child’s teachers about expectations and progress, to be aware of the curriculum and the teachers’ objectives, and to guide children in their work at home.

Key to the parents’ role in education at Park is being informed. Our website is tailored for each member of the School community with an individualized portal that links parents to their children and faculty. We also encourage parents to attend Morning Meeting, class events, and school functions, visit the library and classrooms, or drop by the lobby for coffee.

Parents' Association

At Park, all parents and guardians are automatically members of the Park Parents’ Association (PA) and are invited to attend meetings and participate in discussions and decisions. The variety of volunteer opportunities makes is possible for parents with different interests, talents, and schedules to participate in the life of the School. Whether a one-time or ongoing commitment – every contribution is needed and valued.  

Community Expectations

We expect one another to be positive, contributing members of the Park community. Each student is responsible for developing his / her own abilities and for helping others develop theirs by:

  • Supporting each individual’s dignity and right to learn
  • Nurturing and caring for the community in its diversity
  • Respecting the environment and personal and community propertyIn addition to assuming responsibility for themselves and for their conduct towards others, students (in Grades 1–8) are expected to participate in cleaning their classrooms, clearing lunch tables, and supporting the School’s recycling program. Each Upper Division student is also required to complete one hour of service to the School community each term. At home, parents are urged to reinforce these expectations for responsible membership in a community.

Park is also committed to making children aware of the larger community beyond their classroom and the school walls. Students have many opportunities to participate in projects, both through the service learning curriculum, as well as through activities sponsored by Service Council, Pangea, and the Parents’ Association Community Service Committee.

Grandparents’ & Special Friends’ Day 

Each year, Park looks forward to welcoming grandparents and special friends to spend a morning at school with their loved ones. 

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Guidelines for Parents & Families

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