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Lunch Bunch started in 2019 as a social group to give students an outlet to build a supportive community outside of their regular friend groups at school. Over the years, Julie Mumford, Park's school counselor, has identified the areas of greatest need for students and this year has focused on Grade Four as the emerging leaders of the Lower Division. Read more

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The elementary and middle school context puts a very powerful and distinctive lens on the idea of “discipline.” Children of all ages make mistakes. They break things, hurt feelings, step on people’s toes, and in so many other ways cross lines in terms of community expectations – sometimes in small ways, sometimes in bigger ways. In this Park Perspectives article, learn more about Park's Upper Division disciplinary practice, which focuses on restorative practices.  

A Little Love for Park

Park Perspectives has collected some tiny love stories (inspired by the Modern Love column in the NY Times) about Park to share with our community on Valentine’s Day. In Friday Notes, we asked community members to share in 100 words or less,  about a moment, a faculty or staff member, a Park experience, or an aspect of the community that warms their heart. Thank you to everyone who participated, and we hope their stories warm yours!

Rosetta Lee: Parenting with Identity in Mind

On January 18, nationally renowned diversity, equity, and inclusion practitioner Rosetta Lee spent an afternoon talking with Park faculty and staff, and then led a workshop with parents and guardians. While the afternoon session focused on how to engage in Courageous Conversations, and the evening session centered on “Parenting with Identity in Mind,” the common thread through both sessions was the importance of listening, of seeing through the eyes of others, for making space for uncertainty, growth, and appreciation, and for modeling and coaching humility. Her visit was made possible by the generosity of the Park community in funding the SPARK Campaign’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives, and was organized by Park’s DEI office. Filled with candor, humanity, and no small amount of humor, both events provided the audiences with knowledge, strategies, and support for how we can best deliver Park’s mission together.  Read more

Two students working together at a table in a Makerspace lab

Have you ever wondered what a Grade 4 math unit looks like? Are you curious about how we intertwine the critical concepts in the Investigations workbook with project-based learning so that students build and master measurable skills? The Grade 4 math curriculum covers many lessons, including factors and multiples, generating and representing data, Geometry, decimals, and fractions. Every unit includes at least one project, which allows students to demonstrate mastery of the content in a non-traditional way. Read more

An image of a large window with a display of early childhood and middle school-aged books on the topic of adoption

At Park, we seek to elevate, understand, and celebrate the differences that make each member of our community unique and special. “Difference” comes in many forms – some visible, others less so. Adoption is a topic that touches families worldwide, and yet it remains an often hidden, less talked about identifier, even as many in the United States have a personal connection of some form to adoption. Three Park faculty and staff members shared their experiences as transracial adoptees and you can read about them in The Park Perspectives newsletter. Read more 

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The Park School Bulletin is published twice yearly for the alumni, parents, and friends of The Park School. Each issue takes on a particular theme and contains regular School and alumni news as well. We welcome your comments and ideas.


The Anthology contains selected student writing and artwork collected from children in PreK through Grade 8. It is distributed in September to all current families.


State of the School: 2021-22 Report on Progress and Philanthropy

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