The 2019-20 Report on Progress: What Makes Us Park?

This year, more than ever, we appreciate the ways in which the entire Park community has proven, yet again, that Park is more than a place. In these reports, we answer the question “What Makes Us Park?” with aspects of character that complete the statement “That’s what makes us Park.” These characteristics enabled us to address the challenges of 2020 head on, keep our community safe, and open for in-person teaching and learning in September.


The pandemic has forced all schools to envision working with students in a whole new manner. As a lifelong educator, I am proud of how quickly we all have adjusted to a new way of teaching and learning. – Eric Chapman, Assistant Head of School for Academics & Program

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During this unusual year, the value of a Park education was immediately evident, even to parents who had never before considered an independent school for their children. We are so excited to have broadened our outreach to a variety of local families. – Merle Jacobs, Director of Admission

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Every member of the Facilities Team gave 110% this year. Without their incredibly hard work, we would not have been ready to welcome students back this fall. – Jennifer Mullin, Director of Facilities

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The work of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is never done. We are committed to creating a community built on kindness and compassion where all members of the Park family are seen, heard, and valued for all of their identities. – Connie Yepez, Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

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This year demonstrated the strength of Park’s community. Despite being away from campus in the spring, the PA provided creative alternatives and virtual activities to foster a sense of connectedness through a very challenging time. – Heena Lee, PA President 2018-20 and Elizabeth Wood, PA Vice-President 2018-20

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It became eminently clear early on during the pandemic that ‘business as usual’ was going to take a back seat to finding ways to support all of our people – faculty, staff, and families – without whom our community would not exist. – Kimberly Boyd, Assistant Head of School for Finance and Operations

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