Teacher and student
Academic Support

Along with its demanding academic program, Park offers support to help ensure all students can succeed. We provide interventions and strategies so each child can thrive socially and emotionally and experience achievement in the classroom. For every student, academic support begins with the classroom teacher, who provides additional one-on-one direction or alternative approaches within the classroom.

Park maintains high expectations for all children and values the efforts and contributions of each student. We recognize and value learning differences and believe they enrich the academic environment for everyone. Our faculty strives to create an educational climate that supports diverse learning styles: beginning in PreK and through Grade 8, they guide students to recognize, understand, and work with their own personal learning styles.

Lower Division

Students in the Lower Division develop their academic skills in self-contained classrooms, under the care and direction of their teachers. Small group and individual instruction allow direct teaching in all areas of literacy and math. Instructional coaches help classroom teachers add to their toolkit of strategies to ensure that all students are supported and challenged, and the PreK–Grade 2 Literacy Specialist partners with teachers to provide additional literacy support.

Upper Division

Small classes and an emphasis on strong teacher-student relationships allow Park’s Upper Division faculty to identify students’ strengths and challenges. In the classroom, teachers provide guidance and support by differentiating their instruction and finding time to work one-on-one with students.

Our strong advisory system also benefits students. Each child in Grades 6–8 is paired with an advisor who provides feedback and direction in academic, personal, and social development, and who coordinates communication between the student’s team of teachers and family.

Academic Support Services Department

The Academic Support Services Department provides additional individualized instruction to Park students who require more targeted support. They help these students develop the skills and strategies needed for academic success here.

Classroom teachers or advisors, in consultation with the Division Head and Director of Academic Support, may recommend that students receive additional instruction from a learning specialist in the Academic Support Services Department. Learning specialists are committed to helping students build strategies that will allow them to overcome academic challenges and thus build their confidence and competence as lifelong learners. Typically, students go to Academic Support tutoring sessions two or three times a week. There is an additional fee for tutoring through Academic Support.

The Director of Academic Support serves as a resource for teachers, families, and students in understanding learning differences and identifying supports, both within and outside Park, that will help students thrive. While the School endeavors to address the learning needs of every student enrolled, on occasion, all available interventions do not meet the learning needs of some students, despite the collective efforts of the child and their teachers and parents. In these rare cases, families are counseled and advised about more appropriate school placement.

Accommodations for Current Students with Disabilities

Policy with Regard to Current Students with Disabilities

When a parent or guardian of a current Park School student requests that the School provide a reasonable accommodation, auxiliary aid/service, or modification (collectively, “accommodation”) of Park’s policies, practices, or procedures based on the student’s disability, The Park School shall complete the steps below:

  1. The appropriate School teacher or administrator will invite the parents/guardians to have a discussion about the student and the specific disability at issue. The School may ask additional staff members from the School community to take part in this discussion.     

  2. If accommodations are requested, the School may request appropriate documentation concerning the disability.  

  3. The Park School will assess and determine whether the requested accommodations are reasonable and necessary in order for the applicant to attend. If The Park School believes the requested accommodations are not reasonable, the School will determine whether it could implement alternative accommodations that would enable the student to access Park’s programs and benefits. 

  4. The Park School will also assess and determine whether making the requested accommodations would constitute a fundamental alteration to the nature of the goods, services, facilities, or accommodations at the School. 

  • If The Park School determines they would constitute a fundamental alteration, it will then determine whether the School could implement alternative accommodations that would not constitute a fundamental alteration.

  • If the accommodations do not constitute a fundamental alteration, the School will implement the accommodations as requested.
  1. The Head of School will review and approve any decision to deny accommodations to a student with a disability. The Park School shall notify the child’s parent, in writing, of the reason(s) for the denial.