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Summer Academic Resources

At Park, we believe summer reading and math work helps children practice the skills they learned during the previous year and prepares them for the school year ahead.

Summer Reading

We are pleased to share a list of Summer Reading Ideas, curated and updated by the Park Library team. The offerings support a wide range of reading preferences across all age groups, including adults. As a reading community, we hope to share and promote a lifelong love of reading and a deeper understanding of the world around us. 

         Summer Reading Ideas              
A curated list of books from Park's Library Team. 

This year, Park purchased a book a day by a Black, Indigenous, or Person of Color author or illustrator for our collection. 

Summer Math

Just as students benefit from reading throughout the summer, regular practice with problem solving, computation, and math facts will strengthen and maintain mathematical gains made during the school year. We recommend that students try to integrate 15-20 minutes of math activities into each day. 

  • For students who would benefit from targeted skill practice, we recommend that families purchase the Spectrum Math Workbook.
  • For students seeking more mixed skill review, we recommend Summer Math Skill Sharpener workbook. Please purchase the grade level your child just completed.
  • Online resources, such as IXL and Khan Academy offer great practice.
  • For additional stretch and challenge, we recommend Problems of the Week on the MathCounts website, previous AMC8 contest competitions and previous Purple Comet competitions. 

Resources by Grade Level (Summer 2021)