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Summer Math

Get ready to discover and do math all summer! Just as students benefit from reading throughout the summer, regular practice with problem solving, computation, and math facts will strengthen and maintain mathematical gains made during the school year. We recommend that you try to integrate 15-20 minutes of math activities into your child's day. 

We recommend that students entering Grades 1 – 5 choose some of these to work on this summer. The goal is for your child to have fun thinking and working collaboratively and to communicate mathematical ideas. 

Students entering Grades 6 – 8 benefit from regular practice with problem solving, computation, and math facts over the summer to maintain and strengthen the mathematical gains made during the school year. 

Parent Resources

Summer Requirements for Students Entering Grades 1-5

Dear Families of Students Entering Grades 1-5, 

We believe summer reading and math work is crucial in helping children practice the skills they learned during the previous year and in getting ready for the school year ahead. We ask you to help your children carve out time for some reading and math this summer because regular practice with both will strengthen and maintain gains made during the school year. 

In collaboration with your children’s classroom teachers, we have recommended grade-appropriate summer work for Lower Division students. The classroom teachers have discussed summer literacy and math goals. In your child’s green folder, you’ll find math calendars and a reading log which we hope you will help your child to complete. Entering first graders are asked to keep a summer journal, found in the green folder. The children will draw pictures, label, and write sentences at frequent intervals during the summer. 

We encourage your family to check out Park Reads!, the curated list of books from our library team. (Please note that this page is best viewed on a laptop or desktop.) This year we are very happy to offer 24/7 access to digital and audiobooks via The Park E-book Library. The library card number is your child’s Park School email address. Digital content is available through apps on mobile devices or your computer browser. For questions, email Tory Lane. When children return to school in the fall, we will celebrate their summer work. We ask that students bring back their green folders, their completed reading logs, math work, and be ready to share a favorite activity with their class and teacher in September.

Suggestions for Parents

Requirements by Grade Level

Grades 1 – 5

Grades 6 – 8