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Board of Trustees

The Park Board of Trustees focuses on the short and long-term health and well-being of the School and is dedicated to stewardship of the School’s mission. The Board has a fiduciary responsibility for the School’s financial stability, is responsible for hiring and evaluating the Head of School (HOS), and works to ensure that the Head of School and Administrative Team establish policies and plans that are consistent with and reinforce the mission, vision, and strategic goals of the school. 

The Work of the Board of Trustees

The  Board of Trustees works alongside the Head of School to craft and oversee the school’s statement of vision and its short and long-term strategic goals, review and support important school policies and plans, ensure resources are adequately provisioned and effectively managed for the short and long-term, establish and maintain bylaws and ensure the School’s compliance with applicable laws and regulation, and promote and advance the School’s mission. Trustees do not have authority over the day-to-day operations of the school.

The Board of Trustees meets regularly throughout the academic year. In addition to attending Board meetings, members typically serve on two to three Board committees. Trustees are expected to contribute actively to the work of the Board, attend meetings, and provide guidance and expertise as needed. As leaders in the School community, Trustees are expected to support the School through their advocacy and ambassadorship, their time and expertise, and their philanthropic efforts.  

Trustees may serve up to two consecutive three-year terms, and the officers (Vice Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer) are elected each year. Board membership may include current parents, parents of alumni, alumni, and representatives from outside the Park community. In addition, the president of the Park Parents’ Association serves as a Trustee during their two-year term, as does a representative from the Park Alumni Association.

2024-2025 Board of Trustees

Board Chair
Lesley Ryan Miller 

Vice Chair
Greg Woods

Corporate Officers
Rahul Ballal, Secretary
Sara Leventhal Fleiss '95, Treasurer
Scott Young, Head of School 


Darren Abrahamson Julia Lloyd Johannsen '93
Ivy Alphonse-Crean '07 Lesley Ryan Miller 
Rahul Ballal Ted Noon
Celina Barrios-Millner Femi Obi
James Benenson Sara Ofosu-Amaah
Kent Bennett Rich Quincy
Kelly Caiazzo Sean Abdur Rahim
Lise Charlier  Anna Sinaiko
Nicole Danforth Amanda Teo
Chandler Bass Evans Susanna Whitaker Waters '99
Nadia Fenton-Rahim Greg Woods
May Hara  


School Governance and Organization:

The Park School is incorporated under Massachusetts law as a nonprofit educational institution, a tax-exempt entity under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code. All parents and guardians are voting members of the Corporation. Additional former parents, representatives of the Alumni Committee, former trustees, and long-term faculty and staff members are elected to the Corporation annually. At the Annual Meeting held in September, the members elect trustees and officers.