Faculty Directory

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Marguerite Dole


Beth Donnell-Kilmer

Academic Support Learning Specialist

LaToya Downing-Peltier

After School Program Associate Director

Lawrence Duhaime

Grade 5 Teacher

Tracy Duliban

After School Program Director

Carly Ellis

Kindergarten Teacher

Hilary Fabre

PreKindergarten Teacher

Raewyn Fairless

Teaching Apprentice

Flo Farrell

Director of Stewardship, Social Media Coordinator, Photographer

Kimberly Fogarty

Academic Technology Specialist, Lead Makerspace Educator

Kara Fonseca

Physical Education Teacher

Michelle Fontaine

Library Specialist

Kimberly Formisano

Lower Division Head

Christina Fox

Lower Division Assistant Head

Kyra Fries

English Teacher (Grades 6-8), Drama Department Head

Scott Fries

Permanent Substitute Teacher

Abigail Geer

Assistant to the Lower Division Head

Laurie Glassman

Grade 1 Assistant

Amanda Goodman

Kindergarten Assistant Teacher

India Goodridge

Kindergarten Assistant Teacher

Virginia Goodwin

Grade 2 Teacher

Bethany Greene

Kindergarten Teacher

Courtney Grey

Grade 3 Assistant

Maria Griffiths

Grade 4 Assistant
< 1 2 3 4 5 7 > showing 49 - 72 of 168 constituents