Enrichment Program

Enrichment at Park provides mission-driven programming to both enhance and extend the learning of the school day. The program fosters student growth through a variety of engaging classes and promotes community building, a celebration of diverse interests, and student-centered exploration. 

Park’s enrichment programming promotes the joy of learning and a sense of discovery, all from the convenience and comfort of our own campus. We recognize that students might especially benefit from activities that offer freedom of expression and learning through movement, STEAM and other specialized interests to complement their school day. Inclusivity is at the core of our program and financial aid is offered, when eligible. 

Enrichment at Park typically runs 6-10 classes per term for students in PreK-Grade 8. These classes run for 8 weeks. On the day of their class, students meet at dismissal for a snack and attendance. This time offers a chance for students across grade-levels to connect in their small groups and build rapport with their teachers. An hour of instruction time follows. Buses are available after the classes on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday afternoons. 

While our offerings change year to year, the following is a sample menu of our offerings:

Enrichment Offerings Samples

Park After School Soccer (PASS!) (PreK-K)

PreK/K PASS is a fun and instructive soccer program in which players will learn basic soccer skills with an emphasis on dribbling and ball manipulation. Coaches utilize age appropriate games that are fun and engaging and allow players to experiment with ball control under various levels of competitive pressure. Players will start with 1v0 games and progress gradually to 1v1 then 2v2, finishing with 3v3 game formats.

Stories at Play (Grades 1-3)

A group of students seated on brightly colored furniture listening to a teacher

Stories at Play uses highly interactive, performed storytelling to encourage students with their early learning skills from language, to social emotional, to motor skills. The “play” revolves around sensory interaction with various parts of the narrative. This exploration deepens their connection to the story and encourages problem-solving and creativity. Sensory play helps to build nerve connections in the brain and encourages the development of language and motor skills. Students will demonstrate understanding of story patterns and rhythms (sequencing & cause and effect) through listening, interacting as part of the telling, role-playing and re-enacting the story. Students will explore their social emotional connection to the stories through sensory exploration (sight, sound, touch, smell, taste) of elements in the story as well as gross and fine motor skills activities. Students will enhance their ability to work cooperatively with large and small group and individual movement, rhythm and role-playing activities.

Haitian Dance (Grades 2-4)

Children and an instructor in a classroom learning a Haitian dance

Haitian Folkloric Dance class aims to work with students of all movement backgrounds and experience levels. These accessible dance classes blend Haitian folkloric and Afro-contemporary dance techniques and are centered around self-empowerment and having fun in community.

Ninja Warrior (Grades 2-4)

Ninja Warrior is a blend of strength, skill, flexibility, fitness and fun. Throughout class participants will engage in various games, drills, elements and obstacle courses. From scaling up cargo nets on a truss to walking across balance beams, climbing over the A-frame to hanging on monkey bars, this class allows participants to have fun while progressing through the basics of ninja warrior elements.

Basket Weaving (Grades 3-4)

In this fiber arts studio, students will create a circular loom and learn about warp and weft. Students will practice the over and under pattern of weaving, learn to tie square knots, and create a beautiful and functional yarn basket.

Coding: Python (Grades 5-8)

Students are introduced to coding with Python, an easy, versatile, readable language. It is used in a variety of industries and in a lot of applications. Students will learn the fundamentals such as variables, loops, printing, data structures and algorithms. They will absorb Python concepts and syntax. Hands-on exercises will range from simple graphics, quizzes, races & games. Building on Scratch concepts, Python’s readable code makes it a great starting point, which can also become extremely powerful as you progress.

REGISTRATION OPENS 4-6 weeks prior to each session

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