Social Emotional Learning

Strong social-emotional skills are crucial to a child’s academic success—and life. So at Park, we weave social-emotional learning (SEL) throughout every day.

We maintain trusting relationships between students and teachers, creating a community where children feel seen, understood, comfortable, and empowered to take intellectual risks. It is through these relationships that students in PreK learn how to recognize and label emotions, laying the groundwork for developing empathy throughout the Lower Division. Students in upper grades can aptly express their needs as well as understand that taking emotional risks is part of the learning process. Classrooms and daily schedules are intentionally organized to provide students with opportunities to collaborate, engage in discourse, ask questions, and learn the skill of self-advocacy.

Social Emotional Learning Resources at Park

Responsive Classroom

Teachers rely on the Responsive Classroom approach when considering the best SEL practices for Park students. They also collaborate with our two part-time mental health professionals for additional SEL support. Our school counselor works directly with individuals, small groups, and classes, and our psychologist is available to work with families to help students build specific SEL skills on an individual basis.

Bullying Prevention and Intervention Plan

First page of the PDF file: Bullying-Policy-2016-FINAL1