The Park Portrait

Joyful Learners. Mindful Leaders. Skillful Communicators.
Compassionate Collaborators. Creative Problem Solvers. Practiced Advocates.

The cornerstone of Park’s program is academic excellence, combining both high standards of scholarship and the encouragement of each child to develop to his or her greatest potential. It is in the spirit and realization of our Mission that we share The Park Portrait — an articulation of the intellectual and social-emotional competencies that define Park students during their educational journey with us and in preparation for the lives they’ll lead beyond Park. These competencies define excellence of mind and character, and the Portrait serves as a Northstar for Park educators in their examination and definition of our curriculum and instructional practice. The Portrait directs teachers as they pursue educational excellence, whether in the classroom or the studio, on the playing field or the stage. Through the Portrait and its competencies, we define what it means to learn with purpose, to strive for success, to balance well-being, and to achieve and contribute as valuable members of our school community.